A Scientific Approach to Curriculum Studies and Literacy

A Scientific Approach to Curriculum Studies and Literacy

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I need to talk about a scientific approach to curriculum studies and literacy, then at the end, focus on reading comprehension, if you can. So, I have to define the scientific curriculum, then understanding of what Bobbitt (in Ch 1) and other authors mean by creating curriculum in a scientific manner. Also, I think you want to define literacy as well. After that, find ways relate to this and to a student experiences, as a learning experience then give examples. Then, find how to connect examples to Bobbitt’s thinking to the objective of literacy. In other words, I need to focus about “Objectives of Literacy, scientifically”. Finally, talk about how can measuring these objectives if the curriculum built on specific and measurable objectives or not (i.e. through using reading aloud strategy to increase reading comprehension). I attached some articles to read and take quotations with page numbers with intro and conclusion. Also, there is one file word for my friend, you could look at it to understand this work.

The following questions could help you to increase the paper (it’s not necessary to use them unless you like it):

  1. How can the “scientific curriculum” help to develop literacy objectives?
  1. What are the measurements of “scientific curriculum” and most beneficial to understanding literacy objectives for the reading comprehension by using the reading aloud technique?

*Please note that this is for a Phd level and has to be in a high quality of thoughts and writing. Also, I sent details to Mr. Dave.

Thank you.

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