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The educational situation is within an academic nursing setting at Franklin University. The students consist of Bachelor of Nursing students.
Nursing Student�s enrolled at Franklin University are about to begin an online Nursing leadership course. The course will be given during a summer semester. The course is usually in a traditional class room setting, but due to faculty shortage the course is online. The course will be conducted over 8 weeks and requires forum discussion engagements 3 days a week with at least 1 substantiated post from a peer reviewed article. The students are required to use varies technological applications for course assignments to include: blackboard, podcast, webinars, and nursing blogs created by the students just to name a few. The use of technology and social media has become a medium in which students can learn and instructors can teach (Schmitt et al. 2012).

1. Develop 3 learning objectives and evaluation strategies specific to case study. Each objective has to have a evaluation method according to rubric.

2. Identify advantages and disadvantages of selected evaluation method for learning objectives.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. All references within 5 yrs please

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