Communication and Collaboration Essay

Communication and Collaboration Essay

Select a communication-related workplace conflict you have observed within the past year.

Note. If you are not working or have not worked recently, you may select a communication-related conflict that occurred in an organization to which you belong: for example, an educational institution, a faith-based organization, a sports team, or even your own family.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word essay that analyzes the communication that occurred during your selected conflict and that explains how such communication either contributed to or prevented further conflict. Your essay must address the following:

  • Provide a brief description of the organization, conflict, and parties involved. Remember that you are not required to divulge sensitive personal or organizational information and may use fictitious names to protect the identities of actual persons.
  • Cite at least two instances of particular effective or ineffective communication. For each instance, describe what was communicated and howit was communicated. You should answer the following questions:
  • What channel—verbal, nonverbal, or paraverbal—was the most influential in the delivery of the communication?
  • What was the intended message?
  • What was the perceived message?
  • What was the impact of the communication on the parties involved and on the organization? If the communication was effective, why was it so effective? If it was ineffective, how did it lead to further conflict?
  • Explain how future conflicts might be avoided through the use of effective communication and collaboration strategies.
  • Describe at least one communication strategy or technique that might be implemented on an individual level.
  • Describe at least one strategy that might be implemented by the organization at large to foster a more collaborative environment.

Adhere to APA style guidelines.

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