complete Event Plan

complete Event Plan

Members of the class are required to prepare a complete Event Plan based on one of the event scenarios listed in the Exercises in Professional Event Coordination in the textbook.

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(The one that I chose is this topic “The national soccer championships are to be held in your city and will include four competitions on four different days. You are hoping to attract 20,000 spectators for each game, and you expect that each game will be sold out. You also anticipate significant media coverage and probably some unruly fans”.)

  • Review the Exercises in Professional Event Coordination in Chapters 1 through 14 of Professional Event Coordination. Select one event scenario from any of those listed in the Exercises in Professional Event Coordination in Chapters 1 through 14.
  • In Week 2 of the course, you must submit a one-page topic proposal for your Final Project Event Scenario selection. The topic proposal will not be graded. This proposal will be reviewed and suggestions will be made where applicable before the Instructor approves the topic and the scope of the proposed paper. Failure to submit your proposal on a timely basis will result in a 5-point deduction from the final project grade.
  • Below is an outline of the event plan. Make sure you include all necessary components with the final plan. Invent specifications for any specifications not explicitly included in the event scenario. Completed Worksheets must be included as supporting materials.
  • In Week 5 of the course, a rough draft will be due. The drafts will not be graded, but will contain recommendations to incorporate into your final project. Failure to submit your draft on a timely basis will result in a 5-point deduction from the final project grade.
  • All papers will be run through, DeVry’s plagiarism software. It is imperative that you cite all sources and that your original content, i.e. your own words, make up at least 80% of your paper. Refer to the policy tab in the course for details on the DeVry plagiarism policy.

The course paper will be at least 15 pages in length (excluding any appendices) on a topic related to the theme of Event Planning and Management. Within this broad theme, the course paper is intended to be an opportunity to explore in some depth a topic related to the course that is of specific significance to you. The course paper is more a product of your critical and imaginative thinking supported by course material and related resources (including current articles) than it is a project in library research.

Following is a summary of the sections that should be included in your paper and the potential points for each section. This paper is worth 150 points total.

  1. Title Page

Include the title of your course paper, your name, e-mail address, school name, instructor’s name, date of submittal, and class (HOSP590).

Introduction (10 Points)

Describe the event scenario that you have selected and identify why it is significant. Present any background or facts that will enable the reader to clearly understand the issues. Write this like an Executive Summary in a Business Plan and include highlights of all important points. Assume the reader will not read beyond the introduction so it is imperative this part is concise, factual, and interesting.

  1. Stakeholders (10 Points)

Identify the stakeholders with this event and list at least two different goals that they may have. Suggest ways to meet these goals.

  1. Event Theme (10 Points)

Working with the event, stakeholders, and goals as described, chose a theme for this event. Explain why you choose that theme and how it supports the goals of the event.

  1. Location Analysis (10 points)

Pick a location for this event. The location must have a webpage with floor plans that you can link to. Using the Location check sheet, complete an analysis of the location and determine how it will support the goals of the event.

  1. Anticipation (10 Points)

Describe your plan for this section of the event. Include any collateral that you will create for this part. Include elements of the themes, and describe how it meets the event goals.

  1. Pre-Arrival (10 Points)

Describe how you will set this event. Include a timeline which works backwards from the start time detailing the load-in factors, and setup times. You must note who is going to do the work.

  1. Arrival (10 Points)

Describe your plan for this section of the event. Include any collateral that you will create for this part. Include the details of how people will arrive, transportation, and registration elements. Make sure that this section matches the theme and describe how it meets the event goals.

  1. Atmosphere (10 Points)

Describe your plan for this section of the event. Include a detailed description of décor and other technological elements. When you are working with the Location Analysis from above, plot out your floor plan for this event.

  1. Appetite (10 Points)

Your event must serve food of some kind. Describe your plan for this portion of the event. Detail your menu, kitchen, and serving requirements. Create a check sheet to bid this event for outside caterers. Create a list, and show pictures if possible of your table top décor, serving lines, and other necessary components to serve the food. Use your location floor plan to show where you will set up the kitchens, and serve the food. In this section, include who will be eating and how the bill will be handled.

  1. Activities (10 Points)

Your event must have some type of activity. Describe your plan for this portion of the event. Detail what the activities are, and what you require for this event to happen. Create a list of all necessary components, and use the location floor plan to show where this event will take place.

  1. Amenities (10 Points)

Every participant must receive an amenity. You can create different categories for the amenities such as spectators receive one type of amenity and participants receive another. Describe your amenities in detail. Describe how and when each attendee will receive his or her amenity.

  1. After Event (10 Points)

Describe how you will manage the breakdown and cleaning of this event. Include a timeline describing the load out times.

  1. Final Report For Client (10 Points)

Include a format for an after event review of your event. NOTE: You are not reviewing the fictitious event, but rather creating a reference that you will use to evaluate how it went. Include all necessary details for this review.

  1. Budget & Financials (10 Points)

Include a rough, but realistic budget for this event. Include an analysis of where you are spending your money, and how you will fund this event. Also include a copy of the bill you will submit to your client. Discuss how you will make a profit and what financial risks you will incur with this event. Also include how you will pay each vendor.

  1. Reference Page (10 Points)

You must use no fewer than six resources outside your textbook that have an author. Use APA formatting and cite all sources, including the text. All references must be cited in the body of your work and on your reference list. Refer to the course materials in “Student Resources” for help with APA style. Citing an author’s work within your text documents your research, identifies the source for readers, and enables readers to locate the source of information in the alphabetical reference list at the end of the paper. To use the ideas or words of another person without crediting the source is plagiarism. Plagiarism in its purest form involves copying passages either verbatim or nearly verbatim, with no direct acknowledgment of the source. The most common (and unconscious) form of plagiarism is to paraphrase a direct quotation. Paraphrasing does not relieve you of the obligation to provide proper identification of source data. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to make sure all quotes, ideas, or conclusions not your own are given proper acknowledgment in your text.

  • All DeVry University policies are in effect including the plagiarism policy.
  • Papers are due in Week 7 of this course.
  • Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Q&A Discussion topic.
  • This paper is worth 150 total points and will be graded on quality of research topic, quality of paper information, use of citations, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • This paper must be at least 3,000 words and 15 pages in length. Points will be deducted if the paper falls short of this requirement.
  • Use APA Style, 12 point font, double spaced.
  • Include all 15 sections.


  • Week 2: One page topic selection and overview is due in the Dropbox.
  • Week 5: Rough draft is due in the Dropbox.

•     Week 7: Final paper is due in the Dropbox

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