Effective Classroom Management techniques for teachers

Effective Classroom Management techniques for teachers Custom Essay

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As you can see in the first assessment there are 8 questions if there is any of them unclear please contact me.

Task 1 Details

Work through the online materials and then write responses to 8 questions.150 word answers to each of the following 8 questions.

You should complete this task individually and IN YOUR OWN WORDS.You do not need to provide references for individual questions but include a bibliography of references used formatted in APA 6 format. There is information on referencing styles in the LMS.


  1. There are six kinds of Power. Explain each. Which do you believe are the most important for effective classroom management? Why?
  2. What criticisms would proponents of the Model of Group Management have of the other two models?
  3. Explain what kinds of Power most relate to each of the three models of Classroom Management (Control, Group Management and Influence)?
  4. Dreikurs explains that some students adopt ‘mistaken goals’? How are these 4 goals defined, and why do students develop them?
  5. It has been argued by Jacob Kounin that teachers’ instructional techniques can lead to student misbehaviour. Give two examples of such teacher behaviour.
  6. It has been argued that teachers’ classroom management techniques fail to promote student responsibility.By referring to research by Lewis, Romi, Roache, etc, – identify teacher classroom control behaviours which are counterproductive in the classroom. Explain in what way the research shows them to be counterproductive?


  1. Three theoretical explanations for teacher misbehaviour have been discussed by Lewis, Riley and Brew.Which do you favour and why?
  2. Write THREE questions that would be appropriate for an assignment such as this one. Make each require more than recall of information and make each relate to a different issue. Restrict yourself to issues covered in the unit.


Please follow these points with the 8 questions when you answer them:

1- Answers are comprehensive, accurate and complete. Key ideas are clearly stated, explained, and well supported.

2- Well organized, coherently developed, and easy to follow.

3- Displays almost no errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.


Second task 70 % of my mark is just about 3500 words at least 20 sources.

You can write about: Effective Classroom Management techniques for teachers


and for the second assessment it is an open essay just pick one area for example if you want to do classroom management module try stick in classroom management module and the lecturer said if you want to do it in your own context you can concentrate in western concepts and then try to related to your concepts (in Saudi Arabia) but give a good explanation please note that 20 references for the essay.


the essay references they can be any kind of references it does not need to be academic strictly you can use google scholar or any news paper article as he mentioned in the assignment specification but it is important that any such materials are able to be accessed easily by me and the lecturer. Finally please do not forget to put the page number that can easily help me to know from where you got the info. Thanks & Regards


Task 2 Details.


The essay topic must focus on an area of classroom management. It may relate to work covered, readings provided, matters discussed or some burning issue close to your heart. The essay should demonstrate the ability to explain your own ideas clearly, show how they relate to published views of others (using sources from the literature relevant to the topic chosen) and should construct coherent arguments using the readings as evidence for a line of argument. While the essay should confirm to scholarly conventions, its main intention is to present a reasoned argument based on your experience and your reading.

If appropriate to the chosen topic the assignment can be in the form of a kit, that is, it may include overheads, charts, audio-tapes, slides which you may use to share with colleagues, but it must include a written commentary in such cases to outline how you would use it. You would need to include a description of the context and a rational for its use.

You may choose to develop the assignment using online or digital means (wikis, digital stories, website) however it is important that any such materials are able to be accessed easily by your lecturer. They must not require a password or special software to view and it must include a written commentary in such cases. Please provide the link to your work through the assignment link in the LMS.


Please follow these points when you write the essay:


1- Articulate, concise statement of purpose, followed by logical, insightful and coherent development of arguments.

2- Ideas, theories and sources elegantly related with comprehensive, fluent links. Extensive range of supporting resources.

3- Original and thorough analysis and evaluation of the chosen topic, seamlessly integrated with supporting literature, and with all key terms, concepts and ideas eloquently interpreted.

4-Language is complex and fluent with no errors, and conceptual thinking is expressed in a sophisticated manner. Presentation is excellent, including extensive referencing of sources, and follows convention flawlessly.


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