‘In terms of the law, agency and distributions arrangements are essentially the same


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‘In terms of the law, agency and distributions arrangements are essentially the same.’

legal issues which can arise in the business world

‘In terms of the law, agency and distributions arrangements are essentially the same.’ Custom Essay

Assignment Guidance

Your assignment deals with legal issues which can arise in the business world. You need to identify the relevant issues, the law which is relevant and then apply the law to the issues. You need to explain whatever conclusions you draw. The process by which you arrive at your conclusions is as least as important as the conclusions themselves so you must set out your reasoning in applying the law.

Clearly you must read thoroughly. This means reading your lecture notes, the appropriate parts of the textbook and any secondary sources (journal articles) relevant to the issues it raises. Reading widely will inform your thinking and help you arrive at your own conclusions. A search of the Legal Journals Index (available via Westlaw) for articles may turn up useful sources. You should be aware that the best sources are legal journals (many of which are available in both hard copy and online – some are only available in hard copy in the library). Beware of other online sources – not all are of high quality.


A high quality assignment will:

  • correctly identify and discuss the issues raised
  • have a logical and coherent structure
  • be relevant throughout
  • give an accurate and knowledgeable account of the law
  • provide academic argument (as opposed to narrative) and support that argument with evidence (legislation, case law, academic publications etc)
  • refer to a range of legal and academic sources
  • draw conclusions which are supported by the preceding discussion
  • present discussion in a clear and articulate manner
  • observe academic conventions (bibliography etc.).


In order to achieve this you should:

  • organise your information into major issues, related sub-issues, interesting tangential points
  • continually ask yourself: “why is this relevant?” Do this throughout your reading and do it when you’re writing your essay draft – it helps clarify your thoughts (and therefore your self-expression) and keeps your essay relevant
  • have the confidence to leave some things out. It hurts, but the aim is not to impress your tutor with your encyclopaedic knowledge: it’s to use the most important of your information to the best effect. It’s much better to go for depth of discussion than to jam in everything on the subject.
  • write a draft essay well in advance of the submission deadline. Leave it alone for a couple of days, then go back to it and read it through. You will almost certainly have ideas for improvements.


Assignment Question


‘In terms of the law, agency and distributions arrangements are essentially the same.’


  • Format of your work: if you type your work, please use Arial font, pitch size 12 and spacing of 1.5. Please note: if your work is to be subjected to the JISC Plagiarism detection test, then your work MUST be word processed.


  • Word limit: you must complete the assignment in a maximum of 3000 words. Bibliography, footnotes etc. are not included in the word count. Please do not abuse footnotes: they are not to be used for ‘hiding’ text that should be in the main body of your work. You should state the word-count on your work – please note that checks will be carried out.


  • Sources used in this work should be referenced in accordance with the Harvard referencing system.


  • Penalties for excessive word-counts: Once the word limit has been reached any excess material will not be assessed.


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