Kenny’s Statement

Critical essay: Kenny’s Statement
According to Kenny (2006, p. 21), “The community development approach to the problem of disadvantage in our society [also.] challenges the common sense framework in which the social problems are often conceptualised”. What does Kenny mean by this?

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What is “the commonsense framework” for understanding social problems? What is “the community development framework for understanding social problems?

Critical essay: Kenny’s Statement

Respond to Kenny’s statement. Write your essay using relevant theories of community development, social work, and social policy. Give contemporary Australian examples of community development that demonstrate a community development approach to the problem of disadvantage.

The essay is not an opinion piece but an analytical and critical piece of writing that argues for or against the ‘common sense’ understanding of social problems. Use and refer to a minimum of 6 books or articles, either from the required reading list or beyond.

Critical essay: Kenny’s Statement

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