Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors

What is Tesla Motors strategy?

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Discuss Tesla’s strategy using the strategy diamond from Hambrick & Frederickson’s paper.

Show that you understand the strategy diamond.

Sources to use ? Are You Sure You Have a Strategy? Hambrick&Frederickson.

Question 2

Diversity of thought

-Many ideas and perspectives exist in the organization

-Find one company that fosters diversity of thought among its employees

Discuss the relationship between diversity of thought and business performance

Be analytical. Please do not pick Google.

Sources to use:

1)         Motivaton and Rewards at Nucor Steel

2)         On the Folly of Rewarding A while Hoping For B

3)         Charismatic Leadership–Branson & Barnevik

4)         Transformational Leadership–Steve Jobs at Apple

5)         Signs of False Commitment to Diversity

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