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A theory can be thought of as a plan of action for a desired outcome. Sharma and Romas define in Theoretical Foundations of Health Education and Health Promotion that “A theory helps health education and health promotion programs identify program objectives, specify methods for facilitating behavior change, provide guidance about the timing of the methods, and select the methods of intervention.”(2012)




A model can be thought of as a theory put into action. Sharma and Romas define “A model can be characterized as a theory in its early stages.”(2012)




The difference between a theory and model is that a theory very rarely changes, where as a model can change many times depending on environment, cultural, politics, and education.


“Clean Water”


The model that would be best to use for a clean water initiative in a third world country would be the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model. The first phase in this model is the social assessment. During this time it is made clear the environmental, the attitudes of the people, political laws, current health environment, and the cultures will all be considered during the . Cultures are very important so ensuring that all programs and construction are planned within the cultural standards will ensure that the people that need it will receive the clean water. During the fourth phase the administrative policies will be implemented, it is also in this phase that the findings from phase one will be reviewed to ensure the cultures are implemented into the policies. If cultures are not followed than the initiative could be stopped before it would ever be started. All together there are eight phases to this model and all of them support the one before so if number three is not working than that means number two needs to re-evaluated. This model would be effective in a third would country because it starts with the people first. It starts with their environment, their cultures, and in phase two it implements one of them as the leader. So everything about the PRECEDE-PROCEED model takes into effect the very people the project is for.


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Manoj Sharma and John A. Romas, Theoretical Foundations of Health Education and Health Promotion. (Jones & Bartlett, LLC, an Ascend Learning Company.) 2012.

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