Acupuncture, Acupressure and Electro-acupuncture

Acupuncture, Acupressure and Electro-acupuncture: Viable Pain Management Alternatives in Childbirth Labour: A Research Synthesis
The Results section should include the data in the articles (or your Case Studies). As this is a thesis, you need to formulate results that support/disapprove your hypothesis. You should not just regurgitate the results from the various studies. This is the section that defines a thesis. The data you report will be a novel piece of information in the field of TCM. Example: Among the 25 articles that studied TCM and Hashimoto’s, this meta- analysis showed a significant P-value of .004 when comparing patients who underwent TCM vs. those who did not. With those patients that compared TCM with standard medical interventions, there was not a statistical significance in improvement with TCM (p = 0.1 or p > 0.05).
Decide what your most important data are based on your hypothesis. You may include charts, tables, and graphs that help illustrate your point. Do not report every bit of data collected.•
Narrative is the primary mode of articulating your results; tables are used to support/clarify narrative.•
Merely state your results. Do not elaborate why you think your data is significant, skewed or non•
Your results should always reflect the thesis question.•
Use appropriate sub-headings, based on your thesis question. In some Capstones, there may be more•
than one question or research objective.
Include following sections:
1)Data overview
2)Summary of participants
3) Effects of acupuncture on pharmacological and invasive methods rates (include the studies: (Borup, 2009), (Neishem, 2005), (Ramnero, 2002), (Citcovitz, 2009), (Ziai, 2006)
4) Effects of acupuncture on labor pain and active phase duration
(include studies: (Chu,2011), (Allameh, 2015), (Hantoushzadeh, 2007)
5) Effects of acupressure on labour pain and duration
( include studies: (Hjelmstedt, 2010), (Calic,2014), (Sehhatie-Shafaie, 2013), (Deepak,2013), (Dabiri, 2014), (Chung, 2003), (Hamizadeh, 2012), (Akbarzadeh(SP6), 2013), (Hajiamine, 2012)
6) Effects of acupressure on Cesarian section rates
( include : (Akbarzadeh, 2014), (Akbarzadeh, 2015), (Kashanian,2010)
7) effects of electro0-acupuncture on labour pain and/or duration
( include: (Qu, 2007), (Mucuk, 2013), (Ma, 2010), (Dong, 2014)
8) Effects of electro-acupuncture on pharmacological pain relief rates
(include: (Vixner, 2014), (Vixner 2015), (MacKenzie, 2010)
9) conclusion: compare results between Acupuncture, Acupressure, electro-acupuncture)
P.S. Please don’t use any background information, use only research articles I have provided for you.

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