Article Critique

Article Critique

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You are to choose an article from the CSU Online Library database. The article may

cover a topic presented in this unit. The article itself must be more than two page in length.


Some suggested topics include:


environmental case studies,

environmental toxicology,

environmental chemistry,

environmental exposure to pollutants,

persistent chemicals in the environment,

environment and toxicology, or

pollution and health effects.


The assignment must include the following components:


1.a brief introduction to the article,

2.a summary and analysis of the key point

s of the article,

3.a decision on whether or not the article supports the concepts as presented in the textbook, and

4.a summary of the article’s conclusions and your own opinions.


The assignment must be a minimum of two pages but no more than four pages in length, double-spaced, and in APA style. Ensure you use APA references and in-text citations in your critique.

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