article critique

Length: 2 pages (Typewritten, Double-Spaced, Times 12-inch font, 1 inch margins all around)

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article critique

n this assignment, you will choose a particular article to read closely and analyze. The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the main ideas of the article, as well as its application.  You will write a two-page essay, no more and no less, that summarizes the article’s main ideas, contextualizes these ideas within larger course themes, and assesses its application to your own lived experience.


In two pages, you should do the following(1) First briefly and effectively summarize the article.  What are the author’s main ideas?  Your summary should be no more than one or two paragraphs. (2) Describe how the article supports its major claims.  In other words, what is the supporting evidence?  How does the authoruse this evidence to support his/her/hir claims?  Are there any points that stick out to you as particularly convincing, enlightening, or surprising? 3) Assess how the article builds.  What does the article add on raceand queer sexuality? Or, how does it offer a different perspective? 4) Finally, you will conclude the paper by assessing how the article relates to your own experiences, or to the world around you.  Did any of the points in the article resonate with you on personal level?  Have you observed some of the issues that article foregrounds in your family and/or community?


You might decide to quote from the article, especially when summarizing the major points of the article, but you need to be able to convey the article’s main ideas in your own words.  So if you do quote from an article, first introduce that quote and why it is relevant, and then unpack what the quote means in the next sentence.


The paper should not be a series of disjointed sections, but a synthetic document that flows from paragraph to paragraph, and sentence to sentence.  This means you should write it like a formal paper, in which you spend time planning how you will organize it, making sure the transitions are smooth, and that you edit for clarity and grammar.


Response papers will be evaluated on 1) how thoroughly you address each question 2) the accuracy of your assessment 3) organization and synthesis of ideas 4) grammar and clarity of ideas.

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