Astronomical Geometry

Astronomical Geometry

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Astronomical Geometry – Some Mathematics of Black Holes
Chapters to be on the following topics:
1. Introduction
2. Coordinates (eg, Spherical, Cylindrical)
3. Tensors, Connections and Metrics (can be split into two chapters if too large)
4. Apply to Black Holes
5. Conclusions
6. References

My supervisor outlined these chapters as a good spine for my research paper after I said I wanted to do it around black holes. I have never written a research paper before which is why I am getting help with this as the stress was getting too much. I don’t really know too well how you go about writing a research paper so I didn’t know what to put for stuff like the number of references so I will let you decide on a good amount. My supervisor also said to write it as if I was describing it to a house mate so the best thing for you is to probably write it as if you were describing it to someone of my level understanding of maths and physics. I have studied Maths with Physics for three years at university and know a lot of basic concepts but a lot of the stuff in this paper will be new to me; I have studied coordinates before but never touched on anything in chapters 3 and 4 so this stuff in the paper shouldn’t be too advanced. My supervisor also said this is a maths paper, not a physics paper, so it should include a good deal of mathematics, including worked examples and proofs, diagrams can also be included if necessary. Sorry for the large amount of information but I just want to make sure that it follows what I’ve been told. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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