Bachelor’s Capstone in Management

MT 499-Bachelor’s Capstone in Management
Bachelor’s Capstone in Management

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Unit 1

Our mission is to deliver variety of activities for everyone to stay in shape and play

the sports you love.

Let’s Play, Getting healthy has impacts on all men and women, getting healthy have grown

rapidly in this country because it offers advantages for a longer life expectancy. Is a gym with

weights and treadmills the only way? What about men and women athletes that still want to stay

in shape by playing the sports we love.

At Let’s Play, we target sports for all ages to provide a healthy quality of life and fun at the same

time. Let’s Play is an indoor sports complex, for individuals who want to train, stay in shape, or

just have fun. Let’s Play would consist of a reasonable monthly membership to make affordable

to consumers in this struggling economy.

My business would focus on customer care, customer health, and safety of its members. This

sports complex would offer a variety of sports from batting cages (baseball and softball),

basketball court, tennis court, and a golf driving range. An indoor sports complex provides

individuals with exercise in a sport they love. Our market would of the child that needs extra

coaching, to the adult that wants to be a child again. This sports complex is seen in very few

communities. Most Sporting venues are paid per hour to a trainer. This can be very costly to an

Bachelor Capstone in Management

Unit 1

individual or family. Let’s Play will be centered on affordable, getting healthy, customer service,

and adding excitement to the individuals life.

The strategy for this business would be to operate Lets Play as Brick- and- Mortar type of

business, with the desire location in empty industrial location in Southern Harford county

Maryland. This facility and office area would locate at this location with dedicated space allotted

for different types of function within the facility.

My partner and I both agree that there are several upside of choosing this model type of business.

We feel the benefit or opportunity to work face to face with our customers, employees, and the

community will give us credibility within our startup business. We also recognize the advantages

of having our facility in opening area will attract walk in clients which we will use to supplement

our business to provide entry exposure to our startup operation. This type of location and

business model will support our resource structure in giving our customer, and operational

resources dedicated space each day become immerse in running our business on daily basis.

We do recognize with this business model there are some downsides that will need to address to

generate successful launch of Lets Play. For example we will have higher risk and startup cost

as we purchase or lease building. Additional cost will be associated equipment and build up cost

to set up our location to fit the needs of the floor plan with our current business model. Our

resource including labor, time and money will require full-time commitment upfront to get the

facility ready for business. In addition we will need to address our operational model by hiring

personnel, to staff our location.

My partners and I will need to your our experience in creating a business plan that address the

Bachelor Capstone in Management

Unit 1

needs of the business, As service business its very important that we address the infrastructure

of our business to allow check and balance approach. We need to ask several question such as is

this vibrant form of business, will the customer be attractive to our product, will our customer

buy are service, how much will they be willing to pay, how much startup money do we need,

how will we measure our success, what are our key milestones, and how will our competitors

react to our entry into the market. Create a business plan (

We will utilize the hybrid form of partnership (LLC) business structure to form our business. We

have total 4 partners and each partner will have role in the day to day operation of lets play. So

in our partnership as we agree upon we feel this approach is clearly with our type business to

most compelling business structure.

A hybrid form of partnership, the limited liability company (LLC), is gaining in

popularity because it allows owners to take advantage of the benefits of both the

corporation and partnership forms of business. The advantages of this business format are

that profits and losses can be passed through to owners without taxation of the business

itself while owners are shielded from personal liability.

Sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC: Try them on for size to find out which legal structure will

best suit your business.

This structure give us the advantages that equal protect all four partners from having to offer

personal liabilities if our business is dissolved or one or more partners have financial issues that

could cause hardship on our partnership.

Our daily management will consist of Office Manager, Planning Manager, Market manager, and

Financial manager these roles will have been agreed upon in our business structure and will be

Bachelor Capstone in Management

Unit 1

function of the 4 partner in our(LLC) partnership.

I believe within the next five years, Let’s Play will become a regional franchise that will have

several locations in the Mid Atlantic area. We will target all markets for entertainment, sports

teams, pro athletes and all sex and ages of the community. We will offer affordable monthly

memberships with the best possible service.

Let’s Play will operate in an organized manner at all times. Customers will have the option to

pay monthly with unlimited play time or pay per designated sport per hour.


Batting Cages would have time slots to ensure not over booked – Bats and Balls need

to be purchased

Basketball Court would remain open to all that want to play

Tennis Courts – One would be a scheduled court and the other would be open to


Golf Driving Range would have time slots to ensure not over booked

Birthday parties for children and adults would be scheduled thru the party planner in

the party room for a sporting event of their choice

Fitness Coach would be on site at all times for questions and answers to members

We have identified on Decks Sports as the company who can supply us with the needed supplies

to ensure our start up design can meet the marketing strategies. This site provides us with all the

supplies that would be offered at Lets Play to ensure our services and commitment are obtain to

Bachelor Capstone in Management

Unit 1

meet startup dates. We are able to price out equipment that allows us to forecast our equipment

budget to ensure how much money we will need to finance and how much revenue will need to

drive growth and profit in our partnership.

On the deck sports website ( )


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