Black’s Theory of Law and Homicide Clearance Rates

Black’s Theory of Law and Homicide Clearance Rates

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Black’s Theory of Law and Homicide Clearance Rates: Modeling the Use of Law in the Context of Urban Areas

For each case study assigned answer the following questions:
1. What question was the author was trying to answer or what problem was the focus of the study/research?
2. What main points were made in the study/research concerning social control?
3. What did the author conclude about the problem or question as it relates to social control?
Please organize your paper by re-stating the question or numbering each answer corresponding to the questions above. There is no need to provide citations in your answers and you do not need to use any other source outside of the case study readings. You must also include a title page that includes your name, the case study number, and the title of the reading. Case studies will be graded based on the content of each answer and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage.
*Just one source, the case study

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