Building Effective Measurement Questions

Written assignment:

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The purpose of this assignment is to practice building effective measurement questions. You will build these types of questions in Module 05 that will become part of your final course project, so this is a good time to find out how it is done. Also, you will use the questions you are building in this assignment for this week’s Course Project to practice creating tables in Excel for your final course project.

Select a company and research it using at least one of Rasmussen’s online databases (available through the Resources tab), such as Hoover’s, Mergent Online, Business Source Complete via EBSCO, or Business via ProQuest. Build a set of at least 40 effective measurement questions keeping in mind the content, participants and the outcome. Determine an effective sampling size based onbuilding effective measurement questions the company information you retrieved from the online databases; this assignment should cover 1-3 pages.

excel portion:

For this section of the Course Project you will create a custom table in Excel for your chosen project based on the questions you created in the written assignment of this module. To get you started, here is a scenario to consider and here is the resulting Excel file with its custom table, based on the information that was researched in the scenario. Please review them to help you setup your own custom table for your project.

Create a custom table in Excel for your chosen project with charts that show:

  • sampling techniques
  • sample size
  • mean
  • deviations

Combine the charts on separate sheets with your written paper and add two additional pages explaining the table and the information shown on the table.

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