CARS vs Hybrid cars

CARS vs Hybrid cars

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Describe of what this elasticity is measuring and identify it as a price elasticity
Write a 5 page report on transportation methods being specific CARS vs Hybrid cars and its

demands elasticity.

Describe of what this elasticity is measuring and identify it as a price elasticity, an income

elasticity, or a cross price elasticity. Include in your report what it means if the number for the

elasticity is negative or positive and if represents elastic or inelastic demand. If there is

information about the value of this elasticity in the short-run and the long-run include that

information and discuss what it means if these values are the same or different. Include

information about when this elasticity was estimated and discuss any conditions that pertained

at that time that you think may have influenced the numerical value of this elasticity. Discuss

whether you think these conditions have changed and if you think the numerical value of this

elasticity would be different today than it was when it was measured (if it would be different how

and why). In the remainder of the report, discuss if this value is what you would have expected

or it surprised you.

You must a footnote that identifies the source of information that you include in your report and

reference the source at the end of the report. You must put any phrases or sentences you use

that come from others in quotes and follow the quotes with the name of the source in

parentheses ( ). Your report should be not less than 04 pages in length, double-spaced with the

font size 12pt.

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