Chapter 11 Assignment

Chapter 11 Assignment

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Chapter 11 Assignment

**The Book That Is Needed For This Assignment Is LOOKING OUT, LOOKING IN by: Ronald B. Adler ISBN: 978-0840028174.**
Be sure to include the number of the question and also the question you need to title each chapter part (Chapter 11 Assignment and Chapter 11 and 10 Discussion). Look at how the questions is asked and answer it the same way.

Assignments should be done in MLA format and also inclue a title page.

  • For This Assignment the deadline is very strict if assignment is 5mins late the assignment will not be accepted and a refund will be required.
    • For This Assignment the grading is very strict and If it is less than an (A or B) grade a refund will be required. (Send a draft copy 2 days before the due date so I can make any changes that may be needed.)
    • Be sure to title and number questions. Tile sections Chapter 11 and Chapter 10 and 11 Discussion.

Chapter 11 Assignment
Give an example of a time when you have used one of the “Crazymaker” behaviors described on pages 353-354 of our textbook. Describe both the situation and your behavior. Next, describe a situation where you have been the victim of “crazy making” behaviors.
Chapter 11 and 10 Discussion
Describe a current conflict that you are having in your life and write some Assertive Messages using the format on pages 326-331. Discuss with your group the wording and meaning behind the Messages and help each other edit and refine the messages. Discuss how you would react to each message if it was directed to you. Chapter 11 Assignment

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