Compare and Contrast W. A. Mozart- symphony No. 40 in G minor and Beethoven- Symphony No. 5 in C minor Content

Topic: Compare and Contrast W. A. Mozart- symphony No. 40 in G minor and Beethoven- Symphony No. 5 in C minor Content: 1. Both masterpieces were composed under what situation. (Based on the background of Mozart and Beethoven) 2. Analysis how they are different. 3. What is your feeling when you heard these two masterpieces? 4. How these tow amazing composers influence today’s music world.
Final Written Assignment: Each student is required to produce a minimum five (5)-page paper (excluding end matter such as bibliography, appendices, or end notes) that examines a topic within the Western art music canon. The paper includes a modest portion of critical analysis and cultural context, references to two or more scholarly readings, and demonstration of a clear mastery of the musical terms and theories learned in class.
As far as I concerned, I feel like I prefer Beethoven’s work, so you may write about the opinion why you like his work, provide some reasons.

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Also, since when I was a little girl, I learned to play piano, and have played Beethoven’s work named Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, so could you please write some background information about this work and talk about how this can influence my feeling about music.
When I learned to play this one, it took me a lot of time, and the process is really tough, but once I work through it, I can feel music’s power. You can describe the process that I made while I learning it.
After many years, when I started to play this one again, I have different feeling; I feel I can understand the true meaning of this masterpiece. Talk about the feeling

When you write the conclusion:
1.Talk about how music influences today’s work.
2. Because we are living in this modern society, many classic music are blurred in our life, so write about we should respect those masterpieces and pay more attention to them.


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