Compustat Report

WRDS Compustat Report

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“Various research questions can be posed in your research paper. An interesting research question would be to evaluate whether the amount of debt is dependent on the PPE held by the company. You could correlate long term debt as a percentage of total assets with the amount of debt held by the firm, and then correlate long term debt as a percentage of the property, plant and equipment (the tangible long term assets) and correlate this to the debt held by the firm. You would then compare the correlations.

Another interesting question would be to compare the book value per share to the market value per share for a company over time, or for an industry, or comparing two competing companies.” I have provided an attachment with data for The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios.

The final paper will include the same sections listed in the proposal. In the “Research Topic or Question” section you will report whether you were able to complete the research question you had proposed. If yes, then explain the question you actually answered in more detail. If you were not able to address the question you originally proposed, then report why, report what problems were encountered that prevented you from answering your research question. Additionally, report if you pursued a different question, what the new question was, and what was the result.

The hypothesis/expectations section in your final paper will be dependent on the first part. Report what you expected to find. In the final report you do not have to explain why you had the expectation or hypothesis that you had. You will report why you think you got the results you did and this will be the conclusion to your paper, though. The conclusion will be presented after the methodology section in the final paper.

The final paper will include next a methodology section where you will explain in great detail what you did. You should explain what variables you downloaded. You should explain in this section the data manipulation you did, how you did it, what statistical methods you used, how it is depicted in your paper, etc. Be sure to label the tables correctly and be sure to reference and explain the various tables in the body of your paper.

The conclusion will tell the reader what you did (very briefly), and why you did it. It will also tell the reader what was accomplished by undertaking this study.

Body must be 7 pages or less and must include some tables or graphs.
I have attached my proposal (with the instructor’s feedback– not very good..l this was also written by someone on this site), grading rubric, instructions, and data I retrieved from Compustat. I need to make an “A” on this paper.

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