Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

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Does getting an education take away your right to bear arms?

We are writing an argumentative essay. Mine is about guns on college campus and universities. I am for allowing concealed weapons in school as long as you are authorized to carry a concealed hand gun. You have to go through the proper classes to be able to carry concealed. People who do not take the classes are still allowed to carry open carry, but not on school property. Allowing people who have been trained to conceal carry to carry in school, allows the people who have legally done all the things they need to, including a background check, and range time to learn how to fire there gun properly.
I carry everyday. On days I go to school I have to leave my fire arm at the house. Doing so leaves me defenseless if someone were to attack me in school, or if the school was to have a shooter. I would still try to defend myself, but a pencil and a desk wont hold up against a shooter.
By creating laws that prevent people from carrying a gun on campus, you are stopping the law biding citizens from being able to protect themselves, you are not stopping the killers who are not going to follow the laws. By doing this you make the “gun free zones” more of “defenseless citizen zones” for people to come in and kill

I have attached all the documents the teacher has provided.
I have also attached my work cited page, that has some annotations as well
The paper needs 7 sources so you will need to find one more, It MUST have a link so we can verify the source. It will need to be a total of 6 pages but I am requesting that 2 of them be done in the next 18 hours so I have something to use for peer review, if you cant get the full 2 pages, please provide as much as can be done.
Then the remaining 4 pages will be due in 5 more days.

I will attache all the course document for this essay.

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