Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Trends in Corporate Sustainability Reporting”
Paper details
Thorough online search for a Journal article that addresses “ Trends in Corporate Sustainability Reporting”. Your paper can focus on a specific country such as the United States, on pharmaceuticals industries. This topic may be covered under different references such as environmental reporting, corporate social responsibility, carbon disclosures, Greenhouse gases, etc.
2. Write a 750-1000 word summary of the article you have identified.
3. The format of your paper should be as follows:

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a) Cover page:

i) My Name , Course title, Semester and year

ii) Title of the article you have reviewed

iii) The author (s) full names and their affiliation

iv) Name of the Journal, Place and Date of publication
No more than one third of your report should consist of quoted materials. Font Size 12 with 1” margins). The following subheadings or paragraphs should be used:

i) Introduction

ii) Problem being investigated

iii) Method of investigation

iv) findings

v) conclusions

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