Course level: 459,Global social issue mini documentary research proposal/ and a reflection page

Global social issue mini documentary…..on Racism

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Need a strong Thesis….how about “Does racism still Exist today”.

1. You may take one of two approaches . . . .

a. Evaluate how your personal philosophy on a social issue influences your perception

b. or, evaluate more generally how a general educational mini documentary can enlighten the public on a social issue

2. This project requires that you utilize and/or incorporate the following elements:

A. Exploration of selected global social issue. This must involve a detailed, well researched examination of a global social issue of your choice. What makes a social issue have global impact? You must be able to show how your issues impacts society of three continents. YOUR THESIS MUST BE OBVIOUS AND EXPLICIT – consider how you can use the documentary film platform to express your main idea, influence, and educate!

B. Critical analysis of the global social problem.

C. Offer a context for improvement of the identified problem. What are some possible ways to make a positive impact or improve upon a problem? You must demonstrate advanced ethical practice in this framework.

D. Inclusive consideration of your issue – what does this problem mean in a global context?

3. Support

-Incorporation of relevant information from our text

-Thoughtful and relevant research on the designated global social issue – make sure to employ a myriad of appropriate resources to do this credibly.

-Of course, YOU MUST credit all sources –

Given my research, experience, and some additional questions you may want to consider the following

Questions as well – these may be explicitly addressed within the context of your project or may help you to think about the assignment objectives in more general terms:

1. What is your motivation? What do you care about? WHY DOES YOUR PROJECT MATTER? What do you want to motivate others to do, educate about, influence others to care about? Use this opportunity to DO IT!

2. How can you promote others to care – develop compassion/empathy through this assignment?

3. Can documentary film be important in addressing global social movements? Prove it!

*****Project specification:

Written project proposal/reflection

-Why did you select your global social issue?

-What is the thesis of your film?

-Why/how does your global social issue present an ethical conundrum?

– Do you consider your film/mini documentary to be successgul in meeting your thesis and why?

If you had to do it all over again what you would do differently?


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