Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice
1. According to the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics 2010 special report analyzing sexual victimization in juvenile facilities, approximately what percentage of the surveyed youths had experienced one or more incidents of sexual victimization by another youth or facility staff member in the previous 12 months (or since admission, if less than 12 months)? A. 47% B.13% C.24% D. 6%

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2. After police processing, the Juvenile offender is typically remanded to the local juvenile court’s ______ division A. detention B. Intake C. Pleading D. bail 3. Participatory Justice is a form of A. Restorative Justice B. deterrence C. Punitive D. incapacitation 4. Proponents of the _____ approach of law enforcement would be most likely to support restricting retracting the development of a national DNA database. A. Conservative B. Jump C. Crime Control D. Due Process 8. The Homeland Security Act was passed in response to A. an increase in home invasions. B. rising crime rates C. terrorist attacks D. recidivism 9. Which of the following statements is true of alternative dispute A. Arbitration decisions are binding on both parties, whereas mediation decisions are nonbinding. B. Both arbitration and mediation decisions are binding. C. Mediation decisions are binding on both parties, whereas arbitration decisions are nonbonding. D. Neither arbitration nor mediation decisions are binding. 10. When car diversion occur? A. At any stage in the juvenile justice. B. Only during the in formal Juvenile Justice Processing C Only prior to formal processing D. Only after formal processing 11. In 2009,_________ percent of youths who were not adjudicated delinquent in Juvenile courts were place on some sort of probation. A.15 B.5 C.20 D. 25 18. In what cad did the supreme court say that juveniles aren’t entailed to a jury trail? A. Mckeiver v. Pennsylvania B. Schall V. Martin. C. New Jersey V. T.L.O D. In re winship 19. which of the following is not a likely change in the criminal justice system that will occur due to demographic trends? A. Use of more translators in the criminal justice process B.A more culturally diverse work force C. A decrease in due process protections. D. Greater sensitivity of court personnel to cultural diversity.
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