Select a nursing curriculum to analyze. This curriculum may be one in which one or more team members participated in as students the past or plans teach as faculty in the future and is offered online, on ground (i.e., in a classroom), or both (please have approved in advance by the course professor so that there is not duplication). Using APA (2010) format, prepare a 10-15 page team paper evaluating the curriculum using the criteria listed below. Include at least 10 references to support your analysis.

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  • What current societal expectations, nursing profession and health care system expectations, accreditation standards, student attributes and needs, and cultural competence knowledge and skills are met and which are not met by this curriculum?
  • What are the expected program outcomes and does the curriculum design and implementation facilitate students’ attaining them? Do these outcomes meet the nursing profession and health care system, accreditation, and societal expectations of a nurse at this educational level?
  • In what way(s) were the outcomes specific to the target population? (the intended nursing students and employers)
  • To what extent were the outcomes measurable with a time frame for completion?
  • To what extent were learner objectives in at least one course specific enough for faculty and students to measure students’ progress toward the terminal outcomes?
  • What was the relationship between the terminal outcomes and the objectives?
  • What philosophical approach/learning theory(ies) served as the foundation for this curriculum?
  • How do the philosophical approach/learning theory(ies) match/do not match the institutional and school mission and vision?
  • Specifically state at least three major curriculum components you would modify in this curriculum. State clearly the change theory approach and steps you would use to modify this curriculum to meet the expectations of society, the nursing profession, the accreditation criteria, the attributes and needs of the students, and the current needs of the patients and community for whom graduates will provide care? State your rationale for each of the above.

Use APA (2010) style appropriately for format of paper and for at least 14 in-text citations and references

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