Developmental Theories: Laci Peterson murder

Developmental Theories: Laci Peterson murder
Your written report will need to be typed in WORD, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font size, 1 “ margins, be 2 pages in length, and include all of the following:
Summarize the major concepts of each theory and answer the following:
Problem Behavior Syndrome: Did the offender(s) suffer from any other problem behaviors identified by this perspective? Explain.
Pathways to crime: Did the offender(s) appear to “travel” on any of these three pathways to a criminal career? Explain.
Age-Graded theory: Does it appear that this theory can help explain or describe the life of the offender(s) in this crime? Explain.
General Theory of Crime: Would you describe the offender(s) of your crime as lacking self-control? Explain. What impact does it appear that the child-rearing practices of the offender’s parents had on the development of self-control in the offender(s) of your crime.

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