Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

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Final paper – Disaster recovery
Paper details
This time, your are going to do a final paper , so please it has to be perfect. Please do your very best. Thank you
Instructions : 1- Do citation and you MUST use your own words when you paraphrase. Do citation or you will be asked where did you get your information. Consider that the reader always wants to know where did you get your information.Guarantee no plagiarism. 2- As you write, I look for more analysis more than a description of events. In other words, describing events is always not enough because my professor wants to see more in-depth analysis.If you write a sentence , ask your self how we know ?Who? why we have to know ??. 3- This paper should be a master’s level. No grammar mistakes or poor sentence structure. Note: The rest of the instructions and files will be uploaded. 4- My instructor noticed that you were confused between the disaster recovery and response on the midterm paper that you did . By the way I will attach a word document that has my instructor comments , please read them carefully.

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