dissertation proposal

dissertation proposal

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This week, you will dig deeper into your selected dissertation topic(Planned dissertation topic is the key factors of delays and mitigation strategies of oil
and gas projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) by outlining specific details of your Proposal. This assignment will serve as a draft for Section 1 of the
Proposal ( see attachement) and give you an opportunity to get valuable feedback from your Instructor.

Using Section 1 of the Proposal Proforma(see attachment), refine your topic and outline the following details about your intended research:

Draft research questions/hypotheses
Draft research objectives
Feasibility of the study

What I am planning to cover in my dissertation is ;
Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest oil producer in the world, therefore there are several oil and gas projects being constructed country wide both onshore
and offshore. Due to the complexity and the size of oil and gas projects, it is not a surprise to expect delays, if it is not well managed.
Author plans to cover,
1. Definition of oil and gas projects.
2. Complexity of oil and gas projects.
3. What is delay in oil and gas projects.
4. How to measure the delays.
5. Project control management
6. Earned value analysis
7. Key factors causing delays
8. Engineering factors
9. Procurement factors
10. Construction factors
11. Mitigation strategies
12. Case studies and lessons learned

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