Effects of perspective and belief

Effects of perspective and belief on analytic reasoning in a scientific reasoning task

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To cite this article: Erin L. Beatty & Valerie A. Thompson (2012) Effects of perspective and belief on analytic reasoning in a scientific reasoning task, Thinking & Reasoning, 18:4, 441-460,
• You do not need to include citations or references.
• For theoretical issues: Describe the broad theoretical context or background, identify the key theoretical issue or assumption and its implication. Summarize the hypothesized predications that follow from the theoretical assumptions.
• For methods: Describe the key features of the participant sample, experimental design, stimuli, and procedures. The reader should be able to understand how the methodology relates to the theoretical issues.
• For results: Describe the key dependent measure(s) and main findings relevant to the theoretical issues. Avoid getting bogged down in detail and save the implications for the conclusions section.
• For conclusions: Focus on how key findings bear on the aim and/or hypothesis of the study. You can also write about the implications of the research, limitations of the study, and/or areas for future research.
• Writing quality: Finally, there is 1 mark available for clear, concise writing.

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