Political Perfectionism in America

Essay 2

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So using the reading attached I need your help writing an essay.

For the this paper, PERFECTION, you will need to think about the American dream, the faith in the perfectibility of the nation and the citizen. While many think America has lost its utopian vision, all of the readings so far have described a utopian view of America or the writer(s) life. The authors believe citizens should be committed to making either themselves or their nation better. Chose one of the texts and discuss its concern with perfectionism.

Since you will be writing to a high school student who has not read the historical texts, you will need to describe the context that created the text, the basic claims of the text, and the assumptions behind it. After you have written this background, you’ll need to analyze why the goals of the text are important, decide whether the goals were met and what remains to be done. In the case of Franklin, you may have to think about his personal perfectionism in terms of achieving the American dream, an extra step, but each of our four readings should be usable in this assignment. The primary purpose of this assignment is that you can explain the place of moral and political perfectionism in America. Since you are explaining the American dream to a high school student, it would be okay, even helpful, to include a personal experience.

1) Discuss, What let these people to write these text such as: Declaration of Independence, The ten point plan, Women’s rights.

2)To discuss these perfectionism and what are the main points they discuss.

3)You are writing to high school student, High school student they do not have any background of the text. Therefore, You need think about if the achievements have been achieved in today’s society. If not what needs to be done. Own personal interpretation and we can include personal examples.

Ex) You can write about how black people are still discriminated these days.

And English is my secondary language so please don’t keep it complicated.

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