Explanation of certain articles within the US Constitution

Explanation of certain articles within the US Constitution
1) What did the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution do?
a) It establish Prohibition
b) It Granted the power to regulate interstate commerce to Congress
c) it made the protections in the bill of rights applicable to actions by the state governments
d) It gave congress the power to place reasonable restrictions on commercial speech.

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2) So the protections in the bills of rights apply to corporations?
a) in all instances
b) yes, in most, but not all, instances
c) only in those instances where Congress has specifically states that they do apply
d) no, not in any instance

3) Which of the following is correct with respect to freedom of speech ?
a) Commercial speech receives no protection due to its profit motive
b) all speech receives the same degree of constitutional protection
c) Most speech critical of the government can be restricted because such speech can be destabilizing
d) some speech is not protected


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