Fabregas Said Barcelona Is the Strongest Team

Fabregas Said Barcelona Is the Strongest Team
Chelsea and Barcelona will meet in the warm-up FIFA coins match, which old foes meet again let people quite looking forward to the Blues midfield Fabregas also brought praise to his former club FIFA coins, he believes Barcelona is the best FIFA coins team in the world, if you want to win the Champions League, they need to cross it off Chelsea. If you want to buy FIFA coins, imfifa is a good choice, fast and cheap.

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Fabregas in 2011 to Barcelona from Arsenal returned to the FIFA coins team, but here he did not get the core of the former World Cup last year he returned to the Premier League Chelsea, and helped the FIFA coins team win the league title after a lapse of five years, which is Fabregas The first Premier League Champion Stakes, will face Barcelona, Fabregas still filled with the word generous FIFA coins club.

“Can and Barcelona played against a very wonderful time I spent there very memorable, there are many of them in my career and even life’s most precious memories, I think Barcelona are still the best FIFA coins team in the world, especially when MSN combination zenith when.” MSN outstanding performance last season to help Barcelona winning the Triple Crown, their performance has shocked Fabregas,” I have not seen anything like FIFA coins striker combination so strong from birth, apparently, they The new season’s Champions League remains the most difficult problem of all the FIFA coins team.”

Between Chelsea and Barcelona have dedicated more than a classic FIFA coins game, Fabregas also said that Chelsea and Barcelona will fully Champions League competition, “if we want to win the Champions League again, it would need to compete with Barcelona, we have to do it better.”

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