Factional liberal democratic countries and Marxist/socialist collective regimes

Factional liberal democratic countries and Marxist/socialist collective regimes Political Philosophy

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Focus on the questions below and draw support from the assigned readings/films. This should be a thesis driven paper; that is, it should have a thesis statement stating your position as well as your interpretation of the readings. Next, in the body of arguments you are to provide at least 3 reasons with textual/film evidence to support your thesis. The use of lengthy direct quotes should be minimized. Keeping in mind, this should be your own original interpretation, not a descriptive summary of the readings. Lastly in the conclusion, draw a logical conclusion that conforms to your initial thesis, but also offers implications for further reflections on the topic. Be sure to integrate important philosophical concepts of Kant, Mill, Taylor and Marx such as three a priori principles of a civil state, women and marital subordination, individual liberty and sovereignty, harm principle, tyranny of the majority, use value vs. exchange value, alienation and estrangement, gender relation as economic relation into your book report.

Factional liberal democratic countries and Marxist/socialist collective regimes are two dominant forms of government in the 20th century. The liberal foundation starts with Locke’s assumptions of the three natural rights of man, is reformulated in Kant’s three a priori principle of a civil society, and culminates in Mill and Taylor’s Liberalism. Although capitalism can flourish in any political system in principle, it is best situated in a pluralistic, democratic society with minimum governmental interferences in one’s personal life as well as in the marketplace. One of the
natural consequences of capitalism is the need for cheap labor and for market expansion and hence labor and environmental exploitation is inevitable. All of these then in turn more than
likely lead to extreme wealth and poverty within and military conflicts aboard. In other words, facing today’s economic, social, military as well as environmental problems which by and large
are linked to the use and the spread of capitalism, in your view, is the ill of capitalism and the emphasis on individual rights and freedom defensible? Marxism, on the other hand, offers a
whole different vision of society in which class antagonism is non-existent, wealth is distributed according to needs not wants, and gender relation is viewed as a free partnership not a one-sided prostitution of women to men for economic necessity. If so, why not start a communist revolution now? Defend your stance with textual/film support.

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