lesson 9: field agency social work 305

Field Agency Research Paper

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Field Agency Research Paper: Each student is required to send electronically describing his/her field agency placement. Below is a guide to help organize the paper. DUE: Lesson 9
Goals, purpose, and philosophy of your agency
Problem areas addressed by your agency
Staff size – qualifications of staff
Agency service area
Description of client system served
Description of problem/issues including environmental factors that perpetuate or intensify the problem (social, political, economic, and physical factors)
Provisions for meeting the special needs of diverse/minority clients
How (agency) (client) (workers) see the problem.
Source of agency’s funding – the impact of funding on agency services and policies.
Tasks and strategies utilized to realize service goals.
What, if any, aspects of the agency service program are dysfunctional?
What can or needs to be done to minimize the dysfunction

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