Final Marketing Project

Final Marketing Project

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Final Marketing Project

I need help with this assignment. you’re supposed to incorporate the assignment from last week which was

She has asked you to conduct research on the following for the launch of a new energy drink called V-Fusion + Energy:
Analyze the marketing environment, including the macroenvironmental factors. Outline what environmental factors you should
be aware of and how you will adjust accordingly.
Perform a competitive analysis. Who are the firm’s competitors and what is their positioning strategy for similar
products? What are their marketing tactics?
Using the segmentation, targeting, and positioning process outlined in your textbook select your target market. Also,
develop your positioning strategy.
Using the market research process outlined in your textbook, develop a research study to help you determine the pricing
strategy for the product. What research method would you use and why?
This week, you will finalize your marketing plan for the V Fusion + Energy product line by incorporating information from
that previous week’s assignment into the final marketing plan.

Complete the following for your marketing plan:
Outline your product, branding, and packaging strategy.
Discussed how you will differentiate yourself against the competition, and explained how the firm may expand upon its
product line in the future.
Develop your distribution strategy for the product. What retail outlets will sell your new product? How will you manage
your supply chain?
Develop your pricing and promotional strategy. How will it focus on your target market?
Define Integrated Marketing Communications. How will you provide clarity and consistency across multiple mediums to
maximize the communicative impact?
By Tuesday, November 10, 2015 submit a 4–5-page paper written in APA format. Search the South University online library
for peer reviewed articles to justify your marketing plan. Include a minimum of three peer reviewed articles for your
Additionally, you have been asked to prepare a presentation to present your marketing plan to the executive leadership
team. Prepare a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation to present your plan to the executive staff for approval. Use the
notes section to represent the highlights of your presentation. In your PowerPoint, be sure to cover the following:
Cover page
Product Overview
Marketing Environment
Competitive Analysis
Target Market
Positioning Strategy
Research Study Proposal
Product, Branding, and Packaging Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Promotional Strategy

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