Global Med 2016 olyimpics

Global Med 2016 olyimpics
Case questions

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(1) Assume that you are the CEO of Global Med and are in the
elevator on your way to pitch a potential major investor who happens to
be in the elevator with you. He/she asks for you to make an “elevator
pitch” to him/her (i.e. an executive summary) describing why he/she
should make a major investment in Global Med. Please prepare this
elevator pitch.

(2) Subsequently you are in Rio de Janeiro
(lucky you!) on your way to meet with the Brazilian and International
Olympic Committees and the Chairmen/women of these two committees are in
the elevator with you. They ask you to make an elevator pitch
describing why they should adopt the Global Med offering for the 2016
Olympics. Please prepare this elevator pitch.

(3) Please refer
to the case as well as CURRENT EVENTS IN RIO/BRAZIL to help answer this
question: What might be impediments to Global Med achieving the adoption
of its offering for the 2016 Rio Olympics??

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