Goal programming

MBA assignment
Goal programming
Overview of the Goal programming project
Team should choose a manufacturing/service firm and analyze a management decision-making scenario in the assumption that the whole team is working in this
Define and formulate goal programming decision-making problem
Collect data from the company,
Use appropriate software to analyze the problem.

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What you have to do?
This report should have the following sections:
Section 1. Company & Scenario (Introduce the company and explain the managerial decision-making scenario)
Section 2. Goal programming problem (Explain goal programming problem)
Section 3. Mathematical model of the problem (After explaining decision variables, objective function, and constraints, mention general model fitting with
the problem)
Section 4. Solution and sensitivity analysis (Include answer reports and software model and explain in details)
Section 5. Managerial implications (Provide implications for management)

I will submit an example and other requirement. please follow the instruction carefully.

Goal Programming Assignment: Each student team must analyze a real‐world business and managerial decision making scenario, based on their own interest, or
their working/business experience, and define and formulate a business and managerial goal‐programming decision making problem, identifying the necessary
data for the problem, applying the appropriate model, and providing an analysis of the solution. The student team will assume that they are hired by the
company to provide an objective opinion and to provide realistic recommendations to the company. The student team will submit a written report (non‐technical
analysis supported by a well‐defined model and its solution) at the end of the term, including the description of the scenario, the identification of
decision variables, multi‐criteria objective function, and constraints, as well as a sensitivity analysis and managerial implication of the recommendation.
The report should be between 6 and 12 pages, and demonstrate a major effort to be as professional as possible. The report will be graded not only on the
basis of the written presentation of the scenario, identification of the decision variables, formulation of the model, computer/technological analysis and
printout of the solution, and interpretation and managerial implications of the solution, but also on the basis of the writing style and how well the team
has professionally crafted the entire report, as well as a comprehensive application and demonstration of how goal programming may be utilized in the chosen
business discipline.

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