Guided Art Tour

Guided Art Tour
Post a professional, creative presentation (using Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or Microsoft PowerPoint of your Guided Art Tour to the Dropbox. At minimum, your entire Guided Art Tour should be approximately 800 words. This week’s Guided Art Tour will focus on Egyptian, Ancient Aegean, and Ancient Greek Art.
Description and Analysis of Three Artworks: Choose a work of art from three different eras and include the following identifying information (if available):
title, artist, date artwork was created, medium, and culture/period. Describe and analyze each artwork using at least 3 of the most relevant elements of art
and principles of design terms. Take into consideration the artwork’s style based on the readings this week and utilize relevant vocabulary we have learned
this week. (Elements of art and principles of design are defined in the Week One Online Lecture as well as the downloadable handouts under Week One Reading.)
Integrate your visual analysis into the larger theme of context. Using the textbook and lecture reading, address how the subject and style of each artwork
reflects the historical and cultural context of the period. Think about the culture in which the work was created. What does the work’s appearance and its
choice of art elements and design principles tell us about the cultural beliefs and meaning? Original Artwork: The original art assignment for this week is
to create a self-portrait inspired by the style of a specific culture we are studying this week. Portraits can represent an individual in many ways. A
portrait can be a true representation or it can symbolically reflect a person’s character and position in society. Imagine how you might convey your
personality, character, and/or position in a self-portrait. Find and identify at least one specific artwork from the week’s reading as your inspiration. Use
the media of your choice (traditional media such as pencil, paint; photography; and Photoshop are all okay). Take care to implement elements and principles
of the culture’s style. Describe your creative process, identify the culture and artwork(s) chosen, and explain how your artwork reflects the culture’s
beliefs. Consider how the style of your chosen culture guided your choices in creating your self-portrait. Did style guide your choice of medium? Place your
original artwork and description at the end of your presentation. Your submission should reflect college standards with correct MLA formatting of scholarly
sources and correct standard rules of English grammar, mechanics, syntax, spelling, and sentence construction.

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