Haidt’s “The Faults of Others”

Haidt’s “The Faults of Others”

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Concepts from Haidt’s “The Faults of Others”



Chapters 1 and 4 from The Happiness Hypothesis


Write an essay that both illustrates one or two key concepts from Chapter 4 and presents (in your thesis and throughout the essay) your own fresh take on the subject.

Assume your audience is a diverse, public audience—as if you’re publishing your paper. Assume they have not read the book, so explain efficiently and accurately the key concepts of his on which you focus.

  1. Illustrate Key Concepts

Focus on one or two of these terms, accurately summing them up and providing ORIGINAL examples:

The inner lawyer

The rose-colored mirror

Naive realism

The myth of pure evil

Your grade will reflect how accurately your essay presents Haidt’s ideas.You must include specific and originalexamples to illustrate the ideas. Do not use examples that Haidt provides.

  1. Your Fresh Take

In addition to summarizing Haidt’s key concepts, comment on his ideas. Your thesis will make an original observation. Your thesis must appear as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. This essay (though not all essays this semester) may include personal narrative and thinking, so perhaps applying Haidt’s ideas to your life may work.

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