Haitian culture

Haitian Culture

Literature review

Main topics (Everything is related to the Haitian culture)

1. Analyze select global cultures and influence on healthcare practice
2. Examine challenges in healthcare access for Haitian cultures
3. Identify challenges associated with diversity in healthcare
4. Describe barriers to healthcare access and quality care

The Following Program Level Student learning Outcomes as related to Haitian culture MUST be addressed and clearly discussed in your paper

Haitian Culture

5. Identify legal, ethical and moral reasoning in decisions related to improving healthcare safety and quality
6. Apply evidence based practice into the care of the client, the community and the healthcare environment
7. Demonstrate cultural competency in the care of the client, community, aging and vulnerable populations
8. Analyze safety, quality and outcomes in healthcare
9. Examine the integration of interprofessional practice models in healthcare
10.Design a plan to improve the quality of healthcare of vulnerable populations
11. Evaluate the care of the client, community, aging and vulnerable populations

Haitian Culture

Divide the 11 topics with titles

Up to 12 references. They MUST be Peer-reviewed articles. 6 are already provided

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