HCA 250 Week 2 Participation

HCA 250 Week 2 Participation

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HCA 250 Week 2 Participation

8 short paragraphs 600 words total. Just respond to each paragraph casually as if having a conversation with the author.
75 words
my best friends 6 year old son has optimism and he is the same way he will not stop until he figures something out and you
can see it in his face that it bothers him. I think that is his way of dealing with stress he try’s to fix the problem
even when we try to help him he will get upset because he wants to do it on his own. I never realized that this could be
his way of dealing with stress.
75 words
he will work on a problem until he either figures it out or gives up out of disgust. No matter how much we try to help him
it just makes it worse because he does not like accepting outside help and wants to figure it out on his own. He is the
type that does not like to admit he might need help. My sister has had to learn that she cannot hover over him when he’s
doing his school work because that stresses him out when she says things like, “that isn’t right,” or “you’re doing it
wrong.” But then again, she always had an easy time with school and cannot stand to see her son struggle.

75 words
I have to say that you are so correct with what you are saying because my son does not really let things get to him that
you would think should unlike a normal person does,and things that stress him out are things that would not get to us. I
have to say that if I could be more like him and not let things get to me like he does then I think that my life would be
much better, also and if I could just learn how to deal with the stress issues the way that he does would may also help me
out with my problems at time.

75 words
some people do not have the coping mechanisms required when dealing with stress. I think it is very important for people
to find ways to deal with stress whether through exercise, talking to people about it, writing it out, or even just
walking away from what upsets us. I have seen more than a few people overwork themselves because they are trying to please
their bosses or supervisors. Walking away and blocking out what stresses us out are just temporary fixes.

75 words
To be honest, I have not experienced bad stress. But I do get a little stressed at times. We all get a little stressed at
times. It do get a little stressed at my job as well. I try to find ways to handle my stress before it get out of hand.
How did you handle your stress?
75 words
Do you feel that personality traits may play into the way people perceive and/or manage stress?
Do you think that knowing your personality profile, such as by taking The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator exam would help
people better understand themselves and what methods for coping with stress my be most effective?
Just for fun, it is not required, but I just find it very interesting, you can reference for
more information about your personality!

75 words
Class, How do you handle and or cope with a stressful situation?
Regarding stress in the workplace, what are ways you can reduce stress and what affect could that have on your job?
75 words
According to our readings, “even when facing adversity, resilient people seem to make use of positive emotions and find
meaning in the experience.”

Class, Why are some individuals resilient and others not?

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