How storyboard support quality improvement in healthcare

How storyboard support quality improvement in healthcare

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How storyboards support quality improvement in healthcare
Storyboard refers to a visual method that is used to display a quality improvement story. The storyboard that we are reviewing is the Quality Improvement and Public Health in Kansas (
Is every step of the performance improvement process represented on the storyboard? Explain.
The storyboard represents all the steps. That makes it very effective. The steps followed include;
i. Plan: This deal with the identification of opportunities and planning on how to improve them.
ii. Do: This step is used to evaluate the theory that is being planned for improvement.
iii. Study: In this step, the results of the evaluated data are checked.
iv. Act: The standardization of the proposed improvement is done as well as the establishment of the future plans.
Does the storyboard follow a logical sequence, easy to read and appealing to the eye? Describe your reactions.
The storyboard is written in a clear format. All the sections are written in the right order. The order of the storyboard
items is as follows; getting started, Assembling of the team and developing a team charter, examination of the current
approach being used, identification of solutions, studying the results, standardization of the proposed improvements, and
establishment of the future plans.

Is every step of the process easy to understand by what is used to represent it on the storyboard? Explain, pointing to
Every step in the storyboard is easily understood. e.g.
i. Plan: is represented by understanding the system and selecting the team. The team in return identifies the
opportunities to work on through brainstorming.
ii. Do: Activities, like pulling up of information and statistics about flu or creation and sending of postcards to
the target families, is done.
iii. Study: The results are analyzed e.g. there is 62% increase of activities in the past three years.
iv. Act: The team decides to use the data collection tools, continue promoting the importance of flu vaccination, and
continuation of usage of quality improved (QI) every day.
Do the mission and vision statement contain the required elements and relate to the performance improvement process?
Explain with details.
The mission statement concurs to the performance improvement process. The statement states “Embracing Quality in Local
Public Health.” This shows that the main aim is to ensure that the local public clinics are improved to a higher standard
than they used to be.
Is the data portion displayed in an easy to read format? Describe and explain your response.
The data is easy to read. This is because the message is well written. Use of short sentences and bullets is very
effective and makes it easy to read and understand.
Are the findings of the performance improvement process stated? How do you know this?
The findings of the improved process are depicted in an increase in the number of people visiting the health center for
treatment and getting vaccines. There in an increase of 62% in the past three years. This shows that the theory is working
for the people around the Kansas Health Institute.
Are the team’s recommendations supported by the data? Explain.
The recommendations given by the team are supported by the data in that; the team failed to apply effectively the
storyboard since they developed after they had established their findings. The other recommendation is organizing and
keeping the materials of the project. This is because the materials can be used in another city or region. Another
recommendation is the presentation of plans for sustaining the improvement or further investigation.
Based on the data presented, share at least one other recommendation for improving this storyboard.
The storyboard should make use of more images. This is because the images will improve the look of the storyboard and in
return it will attract more readers. If images are used with narrative, they can convey the message more effectively than
when words are used alone.
Lin, T. (2008). Quality Improvements and Public Health in Kansas-Storyboards. Retieved from:

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