HRM10088 – Leadership in a Changing Environment

Leadership in a Changing Environment
Please prepare a report of 2500 words on one of the case studies covered in tutorial weeks 4-8 (addressing the two questions at the end of your chosen case). In your report you will discuss in some detail the theoretical and practical implications for the chosen case organization. Please see marking sheet for information on assessment criteria.

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1 Individual Work

You are required to work individually.
2 Use of Module Materials

Please use the module materials from lectures weeks 2-7 to guide your work.
3 Secondary Research

Please use English language sources. All sources must be properly referenced (please see point 5 below).
4 Report Weighting

This report is worth 50% of your final module mark.
5 Referencing & Plagiarism

It is essential that you provide appropriate referencing. Please use the ‘Quick Referencing Guide’ provided under useful links on Moodle, if you have any questions related to referencing please ask your tutor.

It is essential that you review the university guidelines on plagiarism, if you have any questions related to plagiarism please ask your lecturer.

6 Turnitin
Please submit an electronic copy of your report to Turnitin (available on Moodle site), the process is as follows:
• As Turnitin may be new to you, please review the instructions for using this process well in advance of the due date. You can submit as many drafts as you like (a new draft simply overwrites the previous submission) until the due date for the report. (Please Note: the generation of an ‘Originality Report’ by Turnitin can take up to 36 hours)
• Please ensure that your last submission to Turnitin is identical to the hardcopy of your work.
• Please only submit your words – what you have written in the body of the report – to Turnitin, do not upload your references at the end of the report or any appendices as this is likely to show as matched text.
• Please do not use Turnitin facilities in other modules for your report, as this will show up as matched text and please do not use this module`s Turnitin box for any other work.
• If you have any question on the use of the system please ask your lecturer well in advance of the submission due date.

Please note: normal University penalties will apply to late and non-submission of coursework. Please submit both hard copy and electronic copy to Turnitin.
7 Computer/printer Issues
Please ensure you make regular backups of your work and prepare your work in good time to overcome any computer/printer issues.
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