International Marketing | MKTG450-H1WW-F15

International Marketing | MKTG450-H1WW-F15

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International Marketing Brief 1: Overvi…

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Points available: 100

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and reduction of trade barriers assess emerging future trends

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This is the first of five marketing briefs you will write, culminating in a final PowerPoint presentation in Week 6.

Imagine that you have just been selected to be a consultant to the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Your responsibility will be to create a series of five briefs, each with a different focus. This first brief will focus on the state of U.S. International Marketing in general. The final four briefs will be based on doing business between the United States and another country that you choose and the instructor approves (see Choose a Country).

In addition to the offices in the U.S., the Chamber maintains offices in many countries to aid U.S. businesses operating there. This is significant to your project because you will be writing your briefs for two audiences: the U.S. offices of the Chamber and the head of the office in the country in which you are proposing business dealings.

For this assignment, you will be completing your first brief for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Action Items

  1. Prepare a 1,000-to 1,500-word marketing brief entitled International Marketing Brief One: Overview of the United States Foreign Trade. In your brief, adhere to the following:

Guidelines for Marketing Assignments

Include your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page.

Your title page, reference page, and appendices (if appropriate) are not included in the page count.

Ensure you are within the 1,000 – 1,500 word count. Be concise. Feel free to use bullet points, charts, graphs, tables, and other visuals where appropriate to keep your paper concise.

However, do not get caught up in the word count. Rather, use it as a guideline as you prepare a high quality marketing brief.

References are to be cited in APA format.

  1. Include the following sections (formal headings) in your brief:

Overview: The State of U.S. International Marketing: The overview must include information related to recent trends in the U.S.’s volume of imports and exports, balance of trade, major imports and exports (in terms of U.S. dollars) by industry type, and the most significant trading partners.

Legal & Regulatory Issues: This section should include summaries of significant regional trade

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agreements that have affected the conduct of foreign traders doing business (or wanting to do more business) with the United States. Include the stance of the U.S. Department of Commerce with regard to the encouragement of foreign trade and the reduction of barriers in other countries.

Emerging Future Trends: What are some significant trends going on in global commerce that may affect the way the U.S. will (or may) do business in the next 10 years or so? References: Cite all your sources following APA guidelines.

Submission Instructions

 submit your document to the class Drop Box.

Grading Criteria

Points Earned

At the college level, the emphasis in grading is on the content of assignments and the effectiveness of communication.

Maximum Points

Expected Points


Assignment Meets

Significantly Exceeds

All Requirements


Content (60%)

All of the requested components are included (Overview: The State of

U.S. International Marketing, Legal & Regulatory Issues, Emerging

Future Trends, and References) ; analysis, evaluation, coherence, and critical thinking are demonstrated. Research and citations: (30%)

Significant research is evident (e.g., textbook, professor’s comments,

45 60
discussions with other professionals, articles, etc.); recommendations are justified and supported with research; citations and reference page are in APA format.

Effective communication (10%)

22 – 23 30
Communication is clear, concise, and well presented; critical thought is evident. 7 – 8 10
Subtotal (points earned before any applicable deductions) 75 100
Points Deducted

Error-free mechanics and meeting stated format criteria are the baseline expectations for assignments. Points will be deducted for failing to meet these requirements.

Mechanics( -15%)

Grammar, sentence structure, and word choice are incorrect; typographical and/or spelling errors are in evidence

Format( -15%)

up to -15
Marketing paper guidelines were not followed; citations are not in

APA format

up to -15

Total (points earned minus any applicable deductions)   0   – 100 Time Estimation

Estimated time for completion: 4.0  hour(s )



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