Knowledge management

Knowledge management

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As a practitioner, you must be able to create and communicate a compelling awareness.
As a practitioner, you must be able to create and communicate a compelling awareness of a need for effective knowledge management in an organization. For
this assignment, you will create a research-based communication strategy for an upcoming knowledge management initiative.
Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:
Note -This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each
source be included.Use APA style in this assignments.
Write a paper of 1,000-1,240 words that presents a research-based communication strategy to facilitate buy-in and create awareness in the company about the
impending knowledge management initiative. Include the following in your paper:
– A brief description of the strategy.
– A research-based rationale for the strategy.
– A discussion of how to overcome the potential barriers to the strategy.
– A plan for measuring the short-term success of the strategy.
Answer each in about 230-280words
1.  is a widely recognized discipline in the business environment. However, there are still risks associated with this relatively
new field. What are the greatest risks associated with knowledge management in the modern business environment? Why are these significant?

2. Which centralized distributed architectural structure knowledge management systems best support innovation and competitive advantage? Why?

3. Human capital and knowledge management systems create a framework supporting organizational learning, innovation, and competitive advantage.
Knowledge is as a strategic asset that should be both leveraged to achieve optimum organizational performance and protected from risk of economic loss or
compromise. Explain how knowledge can best be transferred within the organization and how best to prevent transfer of knowledge outside the organization. Why
are these strategies effective?

4. There is a saying that suggests that business operates at the speed of change. How can organizations best assure knowledge reuse to successfully
manage change and support organizational performance? Why?

5. The merging of e-learning and knowledge management seems a logical progression. How might this merging affect organizational knowledge development
and innovation?
7. Mergers and acquisitions are a common business strategy employed to achieve organizational goals through diversification, increasing market share,
accessing new technology, acquiring intellectual capital, and leveraging knowledge. What is the best strategy for ensuring the transfer and retention of
knowledge during a merger or acquisition? Why?
8. Although what Napster, Grokster, StreamCast, LimeWire, and PirateBay did was illegal
Although what Napster, Grokster, StreamCast, LimeWire, and PirateBay did was illegal, was it immoral? Explain. Is it morally wrong to download copyrighted
material without paying for it and without the authorization of the party that holds the copyright? Explain. Should we treat digitized entertainment like
online music, movies, or games in the way that Locke said property should be looked at, or like Aquinas said property should be looked at, or like the
collectively owned property that many socialists advocate? Is your view consistent in the sense of consistency defined in Chapter 1? How does the kind of
free downloading that Napster, Grokster, StreamCast, LimeWire, and BitTorrent made possible fit with each of these three views on property?

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