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Part A :Discussed on Thursday, Week 3
Have a short conversation with one family member or friend about his/her background. Ask about their
ethnic, racial, and/or linguistic background and culture. Consider asking them, If you were to describe
your background to someone, what would you say? and If you could only use three words to describe
your identity, what would those three words be and why?Be sure to ask what or who has influenced
his/her identity, for example, family, particular life experiences, friends or peers, media, educational
experiences, work experiences, etc.

Part B: Submitted on Ted via Turnitin Sunday, October 18th by 11:59pm
In 4-5 double-spaced pages, 1) describe who you talked to (no names, use friend, mother, cousin,
husband, partner, etc.) and a little about their background, then summarize your conversation with that
person, 2) compare your interviews to those of other students in your discussion group. Specifically, were your interview responses similar or different than your peers? How were they similar or different? Give specific examples from two of your peers interviews, and 3) use two or three readings from week 2
and/or week 3 to analyze your interview. In other words, what connections can you make between the
readings and your interview? Does your interview confirm or seem similar to any of the issues discussed
in the readings? Does your interview contradict, challenge or expand any of the issues discussed in the

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