Market Analysis

Learning Activity #1:   Describe the theoretical differences between customer service and customer value, as it relates to family business. In details please sharing examples if needed.

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Learning Activity #2:  A family-owned business may be defined as any business in which two or more family members are involved and the majority of ownership or control lies within a family. Family-owned businesses may be the oldest form of business organization, and considered essential for the growth of business communities. Discuss in detail, the hindrances, if any,  family business and or firms face when seeking to complete in their individual industries.

Learning Activity #1:  Discuss how the four “P’s” in Marketing Mix although they are controlled by the company.  Also describe how they are affected by factors both internal and external to the company. Please provide examples. 

Learning Activity #2:  Discuss in detail the benefits of evaluating the four sections in a Market Summary.

Learning Activity #1:  Identify and discuss the four major categories of a financial ratio.  Discuss how a company uses this financial ratio evaluation to help them understand their financial stability. 

Learning Activity #2:  When considering the Acquisition of Funds, identify, discuss and give an example of the Four Sources of Capital.

Learning Activity #1: Describe two of the four stages of the product life taking into consideration marketing implications.

Learning Activity #2: Identify, describe, and give an example of the five Management functions as they relate to small business operations.

Learning Activity #1:  If you were an operations manager, what would you do if the market demands exceeded the production capacity of your manufacturing facility?  How could you use the four “P’s” in the Marketing Mix to assist you? 

Learning Activity #2:  Briefly describe the five (5) Global Market Entry Strategies and why a family business would consider their principle practices and concepts when considering enlarging their market place.

Learning Activity #1  Describe how a family operated pizza shop can be proactive and develop a disaster plan. Describe the process in developing a disaster plan.

Learning Activity #2:  Explain why is it important for a small business to have an exit strategy. Share an scenario.

Learning Activity #1  Describe the theoretical differences between global and multi-domestic business strategies.  Share an one example for each concept.

Learning Activity #2:  Explain why a business and/or firm should seek understandings in the political and legal environment when considering international trade and international business.

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