Marketing Solution for Huffman Trucking

Marketing Solution for Huffman Trucking
Scenario Two: MMPBL580 – Marketing Management
Huffman Trucking has experienced steady growth over the years, usually at or just below that of their main competitors. Phil Huffman, the CEO, appreciates the hard work of his organization in maintaining this stable trend, but at the same time he is frustrated that the firm has been unable to pull ahead of its competition. At a recent meeting of the Executive Leadership Council (ELC), an international organization for CEO’s of which Huffman is a member, much of the focus was on the subject of customer-centricity. Customer-centricity focuses on placing the customer at the center of the organization, and considering the impact on the customer when making major business decisions. Huffman is intrigued by the concept, and feels that it could play a key role in helping boost his company’s growth to the next level.
Huffman met off-line with one of his fellow CEO’s who has successfully implemented the customer-centric philosophy at a consumer products company. While acknowledging that consumer products and trucking are different industries, both men agreed that the concept could be effective for Huffman Trucking. In fact, the lack of marketing focus in the trucking industry could work in Huffman’s benefit. Throughout their conversations, this CEO was adamant that before any company can effectively put the customer at the center of their organization, they must build a strong internal marketing culture supported by solid relationships between marketing and other departments within the company.
Upon Huffman’s return, the first place he headed was to your office. As the Director of Marketing for Huffman Trucking, it will be your responsibility to incorporate Huffman’s customer-centric philosophy into the organization’s operations. The first phase of this strategy requires you to build a strong internal marketing culture, and enhance the marketing’s influence on other departments throughout the organization. Huffman has told you that you have his complete support, and he is looking to you to fill in the marketing details to make his vision a reality.
The focal point for your project will be Huffman Trucking’s internal company website, or Intranet. Using this platform, as well as the company’s Internet site, and the UoP Library, you will conduct the research necessary to support your strategy, and the recommendations you will present to Huffman. To succeed in your mission, you must apply some basic marketing concepts. This begins with creating awareness and interest by communicating to the other departments within the organization the importance of an internal marketing culture. You will also need to demonstrate to these internal groups how marketing (as a discipline and a function), can help Huffman Trucking better meet the needs of its customers. You’ll then need to move towards desire and action, by enlisting the support of other key internal groups at Huffman. Your ability to enlist the support and buy-in of your colleagues and their teams will be key to your success. The ultimate deliverable is a measurable internal marketing plan that will ensure quality relationships, build value for all stakeholders and provide collaborative efforts for continued improvement.

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