MBA 5401 Unit VIII Final Exam Question

MBA 5401 Unit VIII Final Exam

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Question 1

When considering the purchase of a major software application, managers need to also consider the following potential downside:
o It is typically more expensive than custom development.
o The package seldom totally fits the company’s needs.
o It takes much longer to implement because of the software’s complexity.
o There is no documentation.

Question 2

Which of the following is a primary reason for networking an organization’s computers together?
o Creating silos
o Sharing of data
o Providing social media to employees
o Increasing revenue

Question 3

Which of the following is NOT typically the responsibility of an IT project manager?
o Approve funds for the project
o Oversee multiple project phases
o Determine how long each development task will take
o Form a project team with appropriate knowledge and skills

Question 4

Which of the following statements about enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is FALSE?
o The modules of an ERP system are integrated through common definitions and a common database.
o ERP systems are designed to support business processes that involve multiple functional units.
o The modules of an ERP system are typically designed for companies operating in the U.S. only.
o ERP systems are typically purchased from a software vendor.

Question 5

All computers, including desktop and notebook microcomputers, midrange systems, mainframes, and supercomputers, are made up of the same six basic components. Which of the following lists is entirely made up of some of these basic components?
o Bytes, bits, and input
o Output, memory, and modem
o Control unit, memory, and output
o Controller, arithmetic/logical unit, and speakers

Question 6

The __________ contains a set of longer-term objectives (often three to five years) that represent measurable movement toward the information vision and IT architecture and a set of associated major initiatives that must be undertaken to achieve these objectives.
o business strategic plan
o operational IS plan
o strategic IS plan
o information resource assessment

Question 7

Information technology is described as pervasive in today’s world because:
o Internet connectivity leads to increased privacy issues.
o today’s technology tools are increasingly more complex.
o today’s technology tools are becoming harder to use.
o IT has become commonplace in the workplace and in many homes.

Question 8

In the context of developing and using IT, what is the common flaw in ethical reasoning?
o Ignoring the developers
o Ignoring members of your organization
o Ignoring members of your segment of society
o Ignoring some affected parties

Question 9

The data modeling guideline that specifies the business function, business division, and/or corporate coverage is called the:
o objective.
o scope.
o outcome.
o timing.

Question 10

As defined in the textbook, the generic systems development life cycle consists of the following three phases:
o requirements, design, and implementation.
o definition, construction, and implementation.
o specifications, development, and installation.
o feasibility analysis, testing, and maintenance.

Question 11
What is a customer relationship management system (CRM)? Support your answer with at least one example of a CRM.
Question 12
Define what is meant by personal productivity software packages. Briefly discuss how personal productivity software packages (such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation graphics) are likely to be used by managers on a regular basis.

Question 13
What is a security policy? Support your answer with an example of how this policy could help control information and legal risks.

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