Multicultural Mathematics Curriculum

Multicultural Mathematics Curriculum (Ethnomathematics curriculum)
– Subject area is Education theories (Education and curriculum) (mathematics curriculum)
Important points that you should consider.(all are very important, please don’t skip any of them)
1) Write a research paper on “Multicultural Mathematics Curriculum/Ethnomathematics curriculum”
2) I Have attached my proposal for this paper to give you an idea.
3) You should talk about Ralf W. Tyler(1949) , one of the early pioneers of curriculum design, he talked about curriculum decision-making
4) You shouldintegrate the research topic to Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of human learning.
5) you need to talk about school curriculum in general/mathematics education/ multicultural classrooms/ and the necessity to reform math curriculum for ethnomathematics.
6) Define ethnomathematics from the readings.
7) You should discuss how different arrangements of classroom practices and norms impact issues of equity and access to mathematics learning.
8) Explain why it is important to build a multicultural curriculum in general and in mathematics in particular.
9) You may talk about the necessity of Integrating multiculturalism into classroom curriculum in order to achieve equity and relevance of education.
10) Address what does students from different backgrounds (race, culture, language, ethics) bring to the teaching and learning experience?
11) Discuss how to teach mathematics in a living context that is meaningful to students with different sociocultural backgrounds
12) Paraphrase as much as you can (don’t just quote/no copy past please)
13) Avid any unsupported claims/ideas/definitions.
An example of how you might want to organize your final paper:
1) You are strongly encourage to use headings to keep your ideas sorted and to break down your ideas. Headings help the reader to navigate your ideas and thought processes. (SHOULD BE INTERESTING AND ATTRACTIVE TO THE READER)
2) You may start with a general introduction addressing the topic and its importance. (WHY MULTICULTURE IN EDUCATION IN GENERAL AND MATH IN PARTICULAR)
3) Then perhaps proceed with a section on some background information about the topic (citing literature from the review).
4) You may end with some of your own additional insights on the topic, including points of discussion, recommended future directions for research/teaching practices and so forth.
5) End with a conclusion that sums up your main points. (SHOULD BE INTERESTING AND ATTRACTIVE TO THE READER)
6) feel free to add additional sections and so forth.

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